Monday, April 23, 2007

EXPRESSIONS By Ananthanarayanan V

The Times Of India - Mulund - Powai Plus - 21/4/07

For rhyme and reason

This Mulund resident’s book of poems is more than just brilliantly juxtaposed words illustrated with interesting art. One reading of the book and it is easy to see why Ananthanarayanan Venkateswaran’s heartfelt expressions have earned him accolades from all over the world .

Expressions are a verbal and visual journey into life. Through poems that transcend the words that describe them, they become an embodiment of the poet’s pains and desires. Ananthanarayanan Venkateswaran has been writing since he was in school and every word he chooses for his poems are well-chosen.

In person, his simple manner fails to belie his powerful intelligence and deep sensitivity that has given birth to this coffee table book. He admits proudly that he has designed the book cover as well, which is, "a reflection of the soul where the pink strains stand for the good, the brown for the evil and the green for hope."

According to him, the best poem in the book is ’Lost but yet, guiding through’ which he explains is about, "People looking for a mentor in their daily life when all they seek is right within themselves". Other notable gems include ‘Outcast’ which is about the agony of feeling alone; ‘Washed away’ is about the search for peace and ‘Living by my duty’ is about life’s lessons.” The book is based on symbolism. A remarkable example of symbolism in the book is the image titled ‘Where am I?’ that portrays Ananth’s ‘feelings of juggling between more than one world’.

It was through a writer from USA, A Vishwanath, the author of the Amazon bestseller, ‘The Joy of Becoming God’ that Ananth met with the officials at Lulu Publishers, from whose site ‘Expressions’ can be purchased as an e-book or in print. Vishwanath says, "The pulsating effect Ananth’s first few poems had on me, left me completely astonished." Ananth considers Ashish Das, MFA, Shantiniketan, his mentor and his grandmother, his inspiration. Ever since his grandmother passed away, his love for her was translated into some of his best poems. The book also contains a poem titled ‘My strength’ about her.

The response to ‘Expressions’ has been growing slowly but steadily. Personal thoughts and ideas are beautifully intertwined with modern spirituality, in the poems. Ananth’s spiritual side is attributed to his father’s teachings and his own commitment to social causes. When Ananth is not working on literary masterpieces, he is working at Techdivine studios where he creates 3D animations, gaming concepts, clay models, sculptures, abstract art, relief works, human sketches designs for various companies, magazines and brochures.

Ananth is currently pursuing the management programme for working individuals, from IIM Indore. He has also dabbled successfully in advertising and advanced animation, even though he is only 25. As he puts it, "For me the learning curve will never end." Everything about Ananth speaks of his drive and individuality. ‘Expressions’ is his first published book but he emphatically states, "This is only the start."

By Ankita Shreeram - TOI - Mulund Powai Plus

The Times Of India - Mulund - Powai Plus - 21/4/07